The Integrated Circulation Business Platform

Based on global professional service , the superior resources integration, and value chain reconstruction, SINWIT  has successfully created the international integrated circulation business platform, like the import and export customs clearance, vendor managed inventory(VMI), global procurement and sale, so as to help enterprises to reduce costs, improve efficiency and promote the core competitiveness. The business of SINWIT ranges from communications, electronics, mechanical equipment, medical devices, smart home, high-end consuming commodities to livelihood products.

Comprehensive Import and Export Services

With rich experience in import and export customs clearance, SINWIT provides one-stop customs clearance logistics  services for clients in the main ports all over the country that helping clients improve operational efficiency and reduce costs to satisfy the market demands quickly.

 "Amazon" Pattern Smart Warehousing System in China

Based on "Supply Chain + Industry", SINWIT is going to construct central and bonded warehouses in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dongguan, Huizhou, Hongkong, Southeast Asia, South America, Australia, Europe, and 100 self-built smart warehouses.

Modern Warehousing Services

SINWIT provides customized-design warehousing services in accordance with customers' demands, including warehouse location, hardware facilities and software support, precise warehousing operation such as sorting and kitting, tally, labeling, VMI, JIT delivery, simple assembly and after-sale service, to meet customers' needs by supporting PCS/ minimum packaging/ production line order/ kitting/ specified site/ designated batch/ specified shipping mark and so on.


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